I confirm that I consent to the (genetic) test being carried out on me (or my child for whom I have custody). I can withdraw my consent at any time and I have the right to change my mind at any time and have the test results destroyed.

Medical aspects

In the case of a medical analysis, I confirm with my signature that I have been sufficiently informed about the nature, scope, significance and possible consequences of the planned (genetic) examination and that I have had the opportunity to have any remaining questions answered. I have also been sufficiently informed about the course of a possible disease as well as the probability of passing on a possible hereditary disposition to children. Parents or siblings can also be carriers of this inherited trait. I am also aware that the disease risks indicated in a medical analysis are based on a statistical probability and do not represent absolute disease facts. I am also aware that any recommended preventive measures may reduce the risk of illness, but cannot rule out the possibility of it occurring. The test results will not be passed on to family members and their treating physicians or to third parties.


I hereby commission the laboratory Novogenia GmbH with the technical analysis of the enclosed sample. DNA Plus – Zentrum für Humangenetik GmbH will then evaluate the results and compile the result reports. DNA Plus – Zentrum für Humangenetik GmbH is the service provider for the analysis service. I can find this and other important information at I am familiar with this source of information and have had sufficient time and opportunity to familiarize myself with it. I accept the currently valid terms and conditions and agree to the conditions. I have been informed that I am responsible for making my own copy of the contract (analog or digital). Options are to photograph the form with a smartphone or to copy the form. If necessary, a copy of the contract can be requested from the laboratory at any time.


I agree that the consultation provided by the laboratory will take place purely via modern communication media and that the results will be produced in compliance with data protection regulations and printed by an external printing company and delivered by post and/or email. I also agree that the sample may be sent in anonymized form to an external laboratory for control analysis. My data security will not be violated by this. Furthermore, I confirm that in the case of a capillary blood sample, the fingertip prick was carried out by myself.


Anonymized samples, which may be used for research purposes, allow scientists to conduct research into curing serious diseases. We would like to use your sample for research purposes, unless you do not wish this. If you do not wish your samples to be used anonymously for research purposes, please note NOSCIENCE and if you wish your samples and test results to be destroyed after analysis, please note DELDATA in the process code field on the order details page.

Data processing and storage

I confirm that I authorize the storage of my complete collected data and that all companies and persons involved in the processing of the service or production of the products have access to it. This includes the laboratory and its affiliated companies, as well as the persons and companies of the referrer. The data protection regulations at I have read, understood and agree with them.

Direct advertising and contact for marketing purposes

We would also like to send you free vouchers for new tests and news about new products. If you no longer wish to hear from us, please note NOAD in the process code field on the order details page. You have the right to tell us at any time that you do not wish to be contacted by us for direct mail or marketing purposes.

I have read, understood and acknowledged the preceding text and the GTC. I agree to the analysis of the samples and authorize the analysis of the.