DNA Test Guide

Simple Steps to your Answers


It’s simple: order a test kit from a distribution partner of THE ANSWER Club and register it online. Within a few days, you will receive the test kit by mail. Then, follow the instructions (which you can find here or the full YouTube-Video Instructions) included in the kit to collect your saliva sample.

Package the sample tube in the provided plastic bag and send it back to our lab using the original kit packaging or a padded envelope. Within 2-3 weeks, you will receive an email notification that your DNA report is ready for download in the community section of THE ANSWER Club.

The DNA saliva test is conducted in two easy and convenient steps:

  1. Step One: You’ll receive the DNA test kit at home. Simply follow the instructions to collect your saliva sample.
  2. Step Two: Send your saliva sample back to our lab. For more information on how to send the sample correctly, refer to our FAQ titled “How do I correctly send the DNA sample?”

You can expect to download your DNA test results within 21 days from the community area of THE ANSWER CLUB.

For guidance, watch our video on how to collect a saliva sample:

Place the sample tube in the enclosed sample bag and seal it well. Then place the sample bag in the packaging of the test kit or in a bubble envelope. Make sure that the words “Released medical sample” are clearly legible and visible on the outer packaging.
Send the sample to:

Genetic Laboratory
Strass 19
5301 Eugendorf

Our DNA tests are based on the latest scientific findings and the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

Our business is to provide high quality DNA tests and reports. When you purchase a DNA test and report from THE ANSWER Club, you can rest assured that your data is stored on secure servers and that your data will never be sold to third parties.

The only people who will ever have access to your data are YOU, THE ANSWER Club and our lab who created the report on your behalf. This laboratory is subject to the highest quality and safety standards in Europe.

Your saliva sample will be completely destroyed after analysis.