Say hello to your DNA


Knowing your own DNA

For every person there is a way of life that corresponds to their DNA. Our answer to this question is also our philosophy.

A DNA-appropriate lifestyle is not a trend, but rather an attitude to life and a lifestyle that suits us as human beings – based on the latest scientific findings and extensive experience.


Sport in harmony with your genes*


Losing weight with the help of genes*


Nourish your body according to your genes


Optimal detoxification of the body


Ability of DNA to react to the environment

Biological Age

Slowing down the ageing process

* Currently not yet available in all countries.


Our genetic predisposition can determine our physical appearance, our tolerance of food or medication and the likelihood of contracting certain diseases. Nevertheless, this does not seal our fate. Our aim is to use genetic knowledge to give people the opportunity to to shape their lives as they wish.


Weight *

* Currently not yet available in all countries.


Biological Age & Epigenetic


We give people access to critical information that is a fundamental birthright and encourage its consistent application within our community through our E-Coach platform.
The combination of knowledge and community, enables our community members to experience positive changes in all areas of their life.
Our E-learning platform will support everyone in their personal and professional growth.

The e-coach is your personal companion for the next twelve months! Here is what you can expect from the e-coach:

With the e-coach, you are not alone on this journey. Let’s work together to enhance your quality of life and make every day a bit better. Just – Make life better!


We live in a world where marketing trends and media greatly influence our lifestyle and dictate what’s currently considered healthy and trendy. However, everyone is unique because each person’s DNA provides a unique blueprint. Knowing your genetic blueprint can significantly simplify your life.

Once you understand it, the guesswork and searching for the right lifestyle ends. You’ll know exactly what you need to eat healthily, lose weight sustainably, detox in a way that suits your DNA, slow down aging, and much more.

During a DNA analysis by THE ANSWER Club, sections of your DNA related to lifestyle topics such as nutrition, body weight (loss/gain), fitness, detoxification, and biological aging are examined.

The results of your analysis give you a clear understanding of how to live a life tailored to your genetics, thereby helping you realize your full potential. Additionally, you receive essential information about epigenetics.

Our genetic makeup can influence our physical appearance, how we metabolize foods or medications, and our likelihood of developing certain diseases. However, our destiny is not yet sealed. Our goal is to use genetic knowledge to empower individuals to shape their lives as they wish. This includes tailored approaches to:

    • fitness and exercise in harmony with your genes
    • sustainable weight management
    • understanding the interplay between genes and nutrition
    • optimal body detoxification
    • slowing down the aging process
    • leveraging the adaptability of DNA through epigenetics

THE ANSWER Club ships to almost every country in the world. Exceptions are currently:
France, Italy, Sweden, South Korea, Russia and the USA.

Please note that the DNA sensor for body weight is currently not available in Austria and Germany.