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DNA Test

We live in a world where marketing trends and media greatly influence our lifestyle and dictate what’s currently considered healthy and trendy. However, everyone is unique because each person’s DNA provides a unique blueprint. Knowing your genetic blueprint can significantly simplify your life.

Once you understand it, the guesswork and searching for the right lifestyle ends. You’ll know exactly what you need to eat healthily, lose weight sustainably, detox in a way that suits your DNA, slow down aging, and much more.

During a DNA analysis by THE ANSWER Club, sections of your DNA related to lifestyle topics such as nutrition, body weight (loss/gain), fitness, detoxification, and biological aging are examined.

The results of your analysis give you a clear understanding of how to live a life tailored to your genetics, thereby helping you realize your full potential. Additionally, you receive essential information about epigenetics.

Our genetic makeup can influence our physical appearance, how we metabolize foods or medications, and our likelihood of developing certain diseases. However, our destiny is not yet sealed. Our goal is to use genetic knowledge to empower individuals to shape their lives as they wish. This includes tailored approaches to:

    • fitness and exercise in harmony with your genes
    • sustainable weight management
    • understanding the interplay between genes and nutrition
    • optimal body detoxification
    • slowing down the aging process
    • leveraging the adaptability of DNA through epigenetics

THE ANSWER Club ships to almost every country in the world. Exceptions are currently:
France, Greece, Italy, Sweden, South Korea, Russia and the USA.

Please note that the DNA sensor for body weight is currently not available in Austria and Germany.ย 

DNA Test Guide

It’s simple: order a test kit from a distribution partner of THE ANSWER Club and register it online. Within a few days, you will receive the test kit by mail. Then, follow the instructions (which you can find here or the full YouTube-Video Instructions) included in the kit to collect your saliva sample.

Package the sample tube in the provided plastic bag and send it back to our lab using the original kit packaging or a padded envelope. Within 2-3 weeks, you will receive an email notification that your DNA report is ready for download in the community section of THE ANSWER Club.

The DNA saliva test is conducted in two easy and convenient steps:

  1. Step One: You’ll receive the DNA test kit at home. Simply follow the instructions to collect your saliva sample.
  2. Step Two: Send your saliva sample back to our lab. For more information on how to send the sample correctly, refer to our FAQ titled “How do I correctly send the DNA sample?”

You can expect to download your DNA test results within 21 days from the community area of THE ANSWER CLUB.

For guidance, watch our video on how to collect a saliva sample:

Place the sample tube in the enclosed sample bag and seal it well. Then place the sample bag in the packaging of the test kit or in a bubble envelope. Make sure that the words “Released medical sample” are clearly legible and visible on the outer packaging.
Send the sample to:

Genetic Laboratory
Strass 19
5301 Eugendorf

Our DNA tests are based on the latest scientific findings and the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

Our business is to provide high quality DNA tests and reports. When you purchase a DNA test and report from THE ANSWER Club, you can rest assured that your data is stored on secure servers and that your data will never be sold to third parties.

The only people who will ever have access to your data are YOU, THE ANSWER Club and our lab who created the report on your behalf. This laboratory is subject to the highest quality and safety standards in Europe.

Your saliva sample will be completely destroyed after analysis.


The e-Coach is both an additional and essential part of the DNA test, designed to guide you for an entire year. It prepares you for the DNA report, explaining how to properly handle your test results.

You’ll receive valuable insights from experts in medicine, lifestyle genetics, psycho-neuro-immunology, alternative medicine, psychology, and neuroscience tailored to a lifestyle that matches your genetics. The e-Coach also encourages you to consider and define your goals, providing specific recommendations and tools to help achieve them

Here is what you can expect from the e-Coach:

  • Individual Preparation: We’ll get you ready for your upcoming DNA test and prepare you to make the most of your DNA results.
  • Understandable Insights: Your test results won’t just be a book with seven seals. e-Coach helps you interpret and understand the results.
  • Practical Integration: Learn how to effectively incorporate the insights and action recommendations from your DNA analyses into your daily life.
  • Development Tools: Use innovative tools and methods provided by e-Coach for your personal and professional development.
  • Goal-Oriented Support: We continuously accompany and motivate you in achieving your goals.

With the e-Coach, you are not alone on this journey. Let’s work together to enhance your quality of life and make every day a bit better. Just โ€“ Make life better!

Sessions can be booked and accessed through your member dashboard on our website.

Club Membership

The Answer Club focuses on providing a rich variety of e-learning materials concentrated on personal growth, business development, and effective social networking strategies. Over time, we plan to gradually introduce additional features and resources to further support our members journeys to personal and professional fulfillment.

Become a partner

Join our partner program by using the affiliate link of your recommender or through our website. You can then purchase a DNA test and/or membership, or just join as an affiliate partner and view your affiliate link in the dashboard after the registration process. If you need more assitance please contact us via e-mail [email protected]ย or live chat in the lower right corner

Partners gain access to a supportive community, an e-learning platform, a sales and marketing package, free training courses, and up to 51% commission (get more information here) on all products and services.

We look for partners who align with our mission of empowering individuals through DNA insights and personal growth.